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Our mission is to walk into future to achieve our vision: "To become synonim for quality and innovations in metal production industry in BiH", by investing into knowledge and skills of our team, with increasing quality level every day, and investing into new technologies.

Lokacija: Sarajevo, industrijska zona Hrasnica

Raspolažemo sa dva proizvodna objekta od 2500 m^2 i 800 m^2.

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Our staff

  • 5 MSc mechanical engineers
  • 1 IWE (externi)
  • 35 kvalificiranih radnika
  • 10 licenced welders
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Development and production of new products are our passion since 1989, when we started as small manufacturing company called Modul. Company Strojal d.o.o. is founded in 1997.

Nearly three decades with the same mission, thousands of products came out from our manufacturing plant. From simple products to complete machines and assemblies.

From the sketch to prototype and serial production:
- Design and development (Solidworks Premium)
- Prototype production
- Sheet metal production (Laser cutting, bending, welding)
- Tube and pipe bending and forming (with mandrel and 3 wheels)
- Machining (CNC, milling, turning, grinding)
- Assembling of products

You can see some pictures of products, our production plant, and our competences in this website or in our facebook page.


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